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Always store the vehicle in a dry place. If you use the vehicle infrequently, we recommend that you fully charge the battery once a month to maintain the longevity of the battery and prevent damage. The rate of self-discharge of the battery is faster in cold temperatures (e.g., in winter) than in a warm environment. Never store the unit for long periods in direct sunlight (e.g., not in the boot of a car). The temperature of the vehicle and the battery could otherwise rise to over 50°C, which could cause irreparable damage to the unit or the battery life. At temperatures below -20°C, the battery will also suffer considerable damage. Storage below 10°C has a negative effect on the voltage and capacity of the battery.

Before setting off, please check that the tyres are undamaged and (in the case of pneumatic tyres) that the tyre pressure is correct. Incorrect tyre pressure may lead to a change in range or to a loss of safety. Also check the tread depth.

We recommend jacking up the e-scooter when storing it for a longer period of time to avoid deformation of the tyre. The ideal tyre pressure is 2.5 bar. If the tyre pressure is too low, this will also affect the range. If there is an imbalance in the tyres, check the inner tube. This could also be twisted. Make sure that the tyres are inflated slowly to avoid twisting the inner tube.

Contact SoFlow customer support within 24 hours of receiving the goods. Please use the contact form.

Before each ride, please check that the brakes are working properly (see manual).

Never ride without functioning lights and/or visible reflectors.

Before riding, check that all bolts are tight.

We recommend that you wear protective clothing such as a helmet. Before setting off, make sure that your scooter is charged, properly assembled and the handlebars are locked in place.

Please observe the applicable traffic regulations and never ride a scooter while under the influence of alcohol or when riding in pairs.

E-scooters should not be used by young children. It is at the parent’s discretion to decide whether your child has the necessary skills or strength and judgement to use the e-scooter. Check the relevant local and national laws in your country and observe the minimum legal age for riding an e-scooter.


Separate tools are included in the scope of delivery.

Certain spare parts are available in the SoFlow Shop. If you need other parts that are not available in the online shop, you can contact our support team via the contact form. Please send a copy of the purchase receipt and a photo of the required spare part.