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1x Flowboard Urban

1x charger

1x instruction manual

If one or more of these items are missing, please contact the seller of the product.

You should not exceed the maximum weight of 100 kg (including objects you are carrying, e.g. backpack) for using the Flowboard Urban.

The Flowboard Urban does not move after starting:

The brake is not fully reset, which cuts off the power. Release the brake.


Driving speed is low:

Low battery, charge the Flowboard Urban.


The Flowboard Urban does not work:

Low battery, charge Flowboard Urban.


Driving distance is too short for a charge:

Battery is exhausted. Replace battery.


The battery does not charge or charges slowly:

Voltage is not correct. Service or replace battery.


The Flowboard Urban cannot be charged:

Battery is exhausted. Replace battery.

Charger is not supplying power. Replace charger.

Charging connector damaged. Replace charging connector.

Before storage, the product must be disconnected from the power supply. The product must be protected from dust, moisture, shock and cold and stored indoors. If you rarely use the Flowboard Urban, we recommend that you fully charge the battery once a month to maintain the longevity of the battery and prevent damage. The self-discharge of the battery is faster in cold temperatures (e.g. in winter) than in a warm environment. Never store the unit in direct sunlight for long periods of time (not even in the boot of a car). The temperature of the Flowboard Urban and that of the battery could otherwise rise to over 45°C, which could lead to irreparable damage to the unit or the battery life.

To avoid rust on the metal parts of your Flowboard Urban, you should clean and dry the unit after each use. For cleaning, use a damp cloth that you wring out and a neutral cleaning agent. Then dry the Flowboard Urban with a towel. Never wash the unit under running water, as the moisture and any impurities could damage the electronic components, resulting in irreversible damage. Especially the regular cleaning of screws and ball bearings with the appropriate agents increases the life span of the device.

Repairs may only be carried out using original spare parts and by licensed service partners/dealers. Opening the unit or its components and installing non-original components of any kind will result in the immediate forfeiture of the warranty claim.

The Flowboard Urban is splash-proof according to IP54, but not waterproof. You may therefore use the Flowboard Urban in light rain and drive through puddles on the ground. However, you must never immerse the Flowboard Urban in water or permanently expose it to heavy rain, otherwise the electronics may be damaged.