Support Flowkart

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1x Flowkart

1x charger

2x ignition key

1x instruction manual

Assembly tool and screws

If one or more of these items are missing, please contact the seller of the product.

You can assemble your Flowkart in a few steps as described below.

  1. Assemble the frame. Position the bolts correctly and securely in the frame, connecting the frame parts.
  2. Install the front fork. Position the front fork and the frame and connect these two parts using a long bolt.
  3. Now install the saddle and secure it with the four bolts. Then mount the two rear wheels as well as the signal bar, with which you can be recognised early by other participants.
  4. Now you can cover the bucket seat with the seat fabric and fix it.

You should not exceed the maximum weight of 100 kg (including objects you are carrying, e.g. backpack) for using the Flowkart. A higher load could damage the Flowkart.

Always store your Flowkart in a dry place. If you use it infrequently, we recommend that you fully charge the battery once a month to maintain the longevity of the battery. Do not store the Flowkart in temperatures below -10°C or above 60°C and do not place the Flowkart in direct sunlight for long periods of time to avoid heat damage.

Repairs may only be carried out using original spare parts and by licensed service partners/dealers. Opening the unit or its components and installing non-original components of any kind will result in the immediate forfeiture of the warranty claim.