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Due to external influences, the indication on the display may differ from the actual capacity of the battery. Please note that the bar indicator in the display does not reflect the actual capacity, especially at low temperatures. In addition, the APP can be used as an indicator. When charging your SoFlow, please also note that the charging process is only complete when the green lamp on the power supply unit lights up. Do not use the bar graph as information, as it may show the full bar graph before charging is complete.

The battery range may vary depending on temperature, driving style, road conditions, gradient and rider weight. (The range measurement was carried out under optimal conditions).

The nominal operating temperature of the battery is 25°C. At lower temperatures, the internal losses of the battery increase, which leads to a reduced range and power output. Operation below 0°C is expressly not recommended, as this already reduces the range by up to 40%. In addition to the operating temperature, the service life and performance of a battery also depend on its age, care and the number of charging cycles completed. Limiting the discharge and charge to (approx.) 20% and 80% respectively can also increase the service life.