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1x flowpad

1x battery incl. charging cable

1x instruction manual

If one or more of these items are missing, please contact the seller of the product.

You should not exceed the maximum weight of 100 kg (including objects you are carrying, e.g. backpack) for using the Flowpad. A higher load could damage the Flowpad.

Never charge your Flowpad unattended.

Never charge your Flowpad overnight.

If the charger and/or battery become unusually hot, disconnect them from the mains immediately.

Charge the Flowpad on a fireproof surface. Do not charge near flammable objects (such as fire accelerants, paper, curtains, etc.). A carpet is NOT a suitable place to load.

If the Flowpad is dropped or subjected to any other severe mechanical impact, do not use or load it again. A fall can damage the cell structure and cause internal short circuits. Cell connectors can also be pressed through the plastic foil and cause an external short circuit.

If you notice a fault, excessive heat build-up or mechanical damage, please contact your point of purchase or email info@soflow.com. Do not attempt to repair the flowpad yourself.

Always store the Flowpad in a dry place. If you use the Flowpad infrequently, we recommend that you fully charge the battery every two months to maintain the longevity of the battery.

Repairs may only be carried out using original spare parts and by licensed service partners/dealers. Opening the unit or its components and installing non-original components of any kind will result in the immediate forfeiture of the warranty claim.