Warranty conditions

Detailed warranty conditions

Generally we grant a warranty of 24 months upon first sale on all products on the basis of the EU common warranty (except battery, motor and wear parts).

Please keep the proof of purchase (original receipt or invoice) in a safe place. These documents are considered necessary proof of purchase for your product. If this proof of purchase cannot be provided, SOFLOW AG reserves the right to refuse a repair under warranty.

In case of a warranty claim, SoFlow has the option to repair or replace the defective parts at its own discretion. If a component of the same type, size or colour is no longer available, SoFlow can provide a successor component to settle the warranty claims.

The warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of defective parts. No further claims can be made beyond this. This shall also not lead to an extension of the device warranty.

Note: A detailed error description enables targeted troubleshooting, which in turn facilitates and accelerates the case-handling process.

Should it be necessary to return the product to us during the warranty period despite telephone or e-mail support, then please do so via our service partner. In case of a return, please choose an appropriate and secure packaging, such as by using the original packaging (please note the packaging instructions for returns).

Damage incurred during transport due to improper packaging is not covered by the warranty. In such a case you will receive a cost estimate. SOFLOW AG does not accept any liability for additional materials sent in which are not included in the original scope of delivery of the product (such as attachments or labels).

Report any damage or defects that may have existed at the time of purchase to your authorized dealer immediately after unpacking. Repairs after the warranty period are subject to a charge.

Scope of warranty and exclusions

Our products are produced according to strictly defined quality guidelines and are thoroughly tested before delivery. The warranty applies to material and manufacturing defects of any kind that may occur during normal and proper use of the product. The determining factors for the proper and intended use of the product are the instructions listed in the user manual which are to be strictly adhered to. Applications and actions which are not recommended or which are indicated as potential hazards in the user manual must be avoided at all costs (please observe the information sheet: Do not – prevention).

Product parts that are subject to normal wear and tear and are therefore to be regarded as wear parts are subject to separate warranty periods. This applies in particular to batteries, motors and accessories subject to mechanical wear such as wheels and tyres. Warranty services are also excluded for normal wear and tear of wear parts, such as: tyres, brakes/brake pads, bottom bracket, saddle, suspension fork, Bowden cables, handlebar grips, tubes/covers, bell, reflectors, front/rear light, kickstand etc. This also includes flat tyres, if these were caused by the rider himself (for instance when driving over sharp objects). Furthermore excluded from warranty services are types of maintenance work or other work that are caused by wear and tear, accidents or operating conditions as well as driving in disregard of the manufacturer’s instructions and all incidents such as noise generation, vibrations, wear and tear etc. that do not significantly impair the vehicle and drivability that, for example, are attributable to:

– leaving the device in unsuitable surroundings
– the installation of non-original components or
– the user or third parties not authorized by SoFlow trying to repair the damage themselves
– previous falls or accidents
– etc.

A warranty claim will also become void in the following cases:

– In case of unintentional damage, use of force, improper and/or unintended use and treatment (e.g. use of liquids and/or chemicals of any kind).
– If modifications made to the product, such as conversions and extensions, use of foreign components, use of accessories not approved for your product, neglect (e.g. deep discharge or exposure to extreme temperatures, wetness or humidity), either independently or by third parties not authorized by SoFlow, have caused the damage.
– If the battery has been charged with chargers that are not approved by SOFLOW AG for the respective vehicle.
– If damage to the battery has been caused by overcharging or undercharging, or if the instructions in the user manual for handling batteries have not been followed.
– Software manipulation by the user or third parties.


If the device has been modified by third parties or by the installation of foreign components, or if defects that have occurred are originally related to such modifications, the warranty claim and, if applicable, the operating permit shall become void. Furthermore, the warranty becomes void if the instructions on the intended operation of the device are not followed.

If the defect is covered by our warranty, either the repaired or an exchanged device will be returned to you. The exchanged device can either be as good as new (for example and overhauled device) or a new device. The old device becomes property of SOFLOW AG.

If during the repair it is found that the defect is not covered by the warranty, SOFLOW AG reserves the right to charge a flat rate of € 39 for inspection. The customer has to pay this flat rate if he does not wish to have a chargeable repair. In case the chargeable repair is approved and ordered by the customer after a cost estimate has been prepared, the inspection fee is no longer applicable.

Attention! A cost estimate is drawn up after an initial inspection of the device and on the basis of the information provided by you and can therefore only serve as a guideline. The actual repair costs can exceed or be lower than the estimated costs