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1x Lou Board


1x charger


1x instruction manual


Tool for wheel change


1x remote control


If one or more of these items are missing, please contact the seller of the product.

You should not exceed the maximum weight of 120 kg (including objects you are carrying, e.g. backpack) for the use of the Lou Board.

Lou Board cannot be switched on:

Lou Board battery is empty: Charge battery.


Remote control battery empty:

Recharge remote control.


Force on lever too great or lever broken off:

See seller, the remote control will probably have to be sent in.


Lou Board does not react:

Plug in battery and check whether the board now responds.


Remote control starts beeping and board no longer reacts normally:

Charge battery.


Board stops automatically:

Motor overheating. Let the motor cool down.


Board microcomputer no longer responds:

Charge the battery or replace it.


Board does not move smoothly and/or unevenly:

Distance between remote control and board too far? Shorten the distance.

Control electronics and receiver affected by moisture? Allow to dry.

Not enough power? Charge battery.


LED on the charger lights up green, but board cannot be charged?

Check plug and charging cable for damage and have them replaced if necessary.


LED on charger does not light up red or green:

Check plug and power source.


Board cannot be charged:

Battery cannot be fully charged, LED on charger lights red, does not change to green after charging. Battery or charger damaged, replace accordingly.


LED on charger does not light up red or green:

Check plug and power sources.


Strong vibration and loud noises during use:

Tighten screws or replace axle. Replace wheels if necessary.

Always store the Lou Board in a dry place. If you use the Lou Board infrequently, we recommend that you fully charge the battery once a month to maintain the longevity of the battery and prevent damage. The self-discharge of the battery is faster in cold temperatures (e.g. in winter) than in a warm environment. Never store the unit in direct sunlight for long periods of time (not even in the boot of a car). The temperature of the Lou Board and the temperature of the battery could otherwise rise to over 45°C, which could lead to irreparable damage to the device or the battery life.

To prevent rust on the metal parts of your Lou Board, clean and dry the unit after each use. Use a damp cloth, which you wring out, and a neutral cleaning agent. Then dry the Lou Board with a towel. Never wash the unit under running water, as the moisture and any impurities could damage the electronic components, resulting in irreversible damage. Especially the regular cleaning of screws and ball bearings with the appropriate agents increases the life span of the device.

Repairs may only be carried out using original spare parts and by licensed service partners/dealers. Opening the unit or its components and installing non-original components of any kind will result in the immediate forfeiture of the warranty claim.

The Lou Board is splash-proof according to IP54 but not waterproof. You may therefore use the Lou Board in light rain and drive through puddles on the ground. However, you must never immerse the Lou Board in water or expose it permanently to heavy rain, otherwise the electronics may be damaged.