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1x E-Scooter SO3


1x charger


1x instruction manual




If one or more of these items are missing, please contact the seller of the product.

How to assemble your SO3:

Push down the rear mudguard and separate the hook from the buckle. Fold the front bar upwards until you hear a click. The folding mechanism as well as the safety tab are now successfully engaged. Insert the handlebar into the front bar and tighten the screw with the spanner. Test the functionality of the SO3 after assembly.

Fold the SO3:

Make sure that the SO3 is switched off. Fold up the stand and hold the front bar while loosening the safety bar on the right side. Turn it clockwise and then pull the lever. Fold the front bar down and secure it with the hook on the mudguard buckle. A click signals when the SO3 is successfully folded.

Disc brake adjustment instructions:

If the brake is too tight, loosen the pressure plate screw with a 4 mm Allen key by turning it anticlockwise. Shorten the length of the brake wire (behind the screw you loosened) to loosen the brake and then retighten the screw. If the brakes are too loose, loosen the screw and pull on the brake wire to lengthen the wire. Then tighten the screw again.

Adjusting the handlebar:

If the handlebars wobble while riding, stop riding, open the plastic cover and tighten the screw with an Allen key.

Pumping the tyres:

If the tyres start to lose pressure, you can inflate them with a bicycle pump. Use a Schrader valve to inflate the tyres to the pressure recommended on the side wall of the tyres.

The control electronics of your SO3 continuously checks the proper functioning of all important components. If your SO3 detects a malfunction, this will be indicated accordingly on the display:

Error message

  • E1: Communication failure
  • E2: Brake failure
  • E3: Error with the accelerator lever
  • E5: Error with the control

Stop using the SO3 immediately if the display shows any of these error messages. Switch the unit off and on again. Check the plug connection between the handlebar and the front bar that no contamination is affecting the contacts of the plugs. Make sure that the battery is fully charged. If the error message still persists, contact SoFlow Service using the contact form.

You should not exceed the maximum weight of 120 kg (including objects you are carrying, e.g. backpack) for using the SO3. A higher load could damage the SO3.

Always store the SO3 in a dry place. If you use the SO3 infrequently, we recommend charging the battery once a month to maintain the longevity of the battery and prevent damage. The rate of self-discharge of the battery is faster in cold temperatures (e.g. in winter) than in a warm environment. Never store the unit for long periods in direct sunlight (e.g. not in the boot of a car). The temperature of the SO3 and the battery could otherwise rise above 50°C, which could cause irreparable damage to the unit or the battery life. At temperatures below -20°C, the battery will also suffer considerable damage.

Repairs may only be carried out using original spare parts and by licensed service partners/dealers. Opening the unit or its components and installing non-original components of any kind will result in the immediate forfeiture of the warranty claim.

The SO3 is splash-proof according to IP54 but not waterproof. You may therefore use the SO3 in light rain and drive through shallow puddles on the ground. However, you must never immerse the SO3 in water or expose it permanently to heavy rain, otherwise the electronics may be damaged.